"CRA" Scam Warning 

Over the last year large volume of Ontario residents started receiving calls perpetuating to be from CRA, where scammers play a recorded message stating that this person has violated the law and they should immediately contact them back on the provided number to avoid prosecution. After the victim makes a call back an "agent" asks to immediately pay a "fine" using Bitcoin through one of the available Bitcoin ATM machines.

We want to inform you that CRA doesn't accept Bitcoin and any such call is a scam. Please only ever send Bitcoins to your own wallet, never a 3rd party.

In order to try protect our clients from scams of such nature we're implementing a set of preventative measures:

  • Creating a list of Blacklisted wallets sourced from the industry peers, essentially blocking the ability to transact with any wallet previously flagged as suspecious;
  • Planning an ad campaign to promote this issue and educate general public;
  • Reducing the maximum size of a single transaction;
  • Equipping our machines with a prominent sticker that warns potential clients about this ongoing fraud:

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